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Kazan`s Defence against the Armies of Ivan the Terrible armies (Deification)

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oil on canvas 245 x 440 cm (98 x 196 in.) 2005

The National Museum of the Tatarstan Republic had purchased this painting

Armies of Ivan the Terrible attacked the Kazan city in October 1552 (Kazan is now the capital of the Tatarstan Republic of Russia).  The infamous Russian tsar wanted to conquer the Kazan city and make it a part of Russia.  The resultant war meant also a conflict between the Muslim and the Christian orthodox Churches.  I created this, as another of my symbolical paintings.  I put several scenes together, including of earlier events.  The result is a more complex paintings, similar in technique to the  “Christ departing from Earth”.

I intended to capture the moment when the Russians (the figures left) invaded the city.  A Christian orthodox priest is seen in the corner.   The people of Kazan (the figures right) face them.  They had put on their best robes and jewelry, to indicate that they did not want  killing.  A Muslim priest is seen amongst them.  Actual battle scenes take place at the centre of the painting.  A symbolical figure of Ivan the Terrible appears in the sky.  It is my way of allowing a painting to make a fairly complex statement.

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