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Kazan tsarina Sjujumbike

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oil on canvas 180 x 280 cm (48 x60 in.) 2000

This painting was created to order by the President of the Tatarstan Republic (part of the Russian Federation) M. Shaimiev.  It is displayed in the Kazan Kremlin.

       About the painting:

It shows an event taking place in August, 1559 at Kazan.  The Kazan Tsarina Sjujumbike is seated at the centre of the painting.  Months earlier her husband Safa-girey had died.  She looks sad.  She was a very clever, educated, and noble woman.  The painting shows her meeting guests from different countries in the Kazan Kremlin, with several actual historic personalities.  There is, for example, the  Head of  Government Oglan Kuchak (left, with the sabre). The child is Sjujumbikes son, Utyamish.  To her right, behind the Tsarina, can be seen the Head of clergy Kul Sharif (with the rosary) talking to the poet Muhamad`yar.  Many guests appear to the left of the painting.  They are ambassadors from Samarkand, Turkey, Moskow, Middle Asia, and Western Europe.   A few years later Sjujumbike will be taken into captivity (please see my painting Kazan Tsarina Sjujumbike in captivity of Ivan the Terrible).  In the autumn 1552, the Kazan city was taken by the armies of Ivan the Terrible (this is shown in my painting Kazan defence against the armies of Ivan the Terrible).

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