New paintings are added to galleries “Genre”, “Still-Life” and “Horses”

Ilyas Phaizulline got a Title "Honoured Art Worker of Tatarstan Republic"

My jubelee exposition has been opened at the 29th of July, 2010 at Exposition Hall of artists`s Union of
Tatartsan Republic (Russia, Kazan city, Karla Marksa str., 57). The deadline of exposition is up to 28th of
August. You are very welcome.

Absolutely new design of the gallery.

New painting "Requiem".

New painting
"Christening of the Crown prince Aleksey, son of the Russian tsar Nicolas II"

30.12.2007 г.
Two new paintings
"Romeo and Juliet" and "Prometheus"

During the trip into the Italy (Venice, Florence, Rome) at September, 2007 Ilyas Phaizulline
got a new impressions and inspiration. About 20 paintings and drawings has been created
during this trip. You can see it in the gallery
"Italy" .

At the 20th October, 2005 personal exhibition of Ilyas Phaizulline has been opened in the
National museum of Tatarstan Republic.

At the 19th of August, 2005 National museum of Tatarstan Republic has been opened for
visitors after the reconstruction. Two monumental historical paintings created by Ilyas
Phaizulline has been presented in the museum.
Rambler's Top100
Self-portrait in a hat
Self-portrait in a hat
oil on canvas    50 x 70 cm (20 x 28 in.) 1981